FFII Workgroups and Activities

The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure e.V. uses this wiki to coordinate its activities by research and activity work groups which often use dedicated mailing lists. Please find information on our core activity groups below.



The Cryptocon takes place in Leipzig annually. The event covers topics like secure data handling and communication as well as privcay questions and digital life in the society with talks and workshops.

OpenTec Working Group

OpenTechSummit 2015

The OpenTechSummit takes place since 2009. Together with Linuxtag e.V. and Förderverein Freie Netzwerke the FFII organizes the OpenTechSummit in Berlin. The FFII curates the track “Internet, Society and Patents”. The track covers policy topics ranging from patents, copyright, net neutrality, privacy issues, digital culture and Internet policies. Other Topics are open hardware, free knowledge, software development and community networks. In the evening there is an “OpenTech-Himmelfahrt” social event.


FFII Volunteers

With all the activities of the FFII e.V. the participation and support of volunteers is of utmost importance. The FFII co-organizes and developes educational materials. More info


Meshcon 2014

As part of the activities of the FFII FashionTec working group, the FFII co-organized the first Meshcon 2014 Fashiontec Week in cooperation with the Technische Universität Berlin. The event offers a place to learn, research and educate participants about the benefits of participatory production in the textile industry. In 2015 the event is co-hosted by the Maker Faire. More info on the Meshcon website.

Open Documents

DFD 2012

The FFII ensures consumer rights and interoperability by researching and educating the public about EU policies such as the European Interoperability Framework. With the Document Freedom Award we award excellent examples of institutions on the Document Freedom Day. Former awarded companies include 1&1 for offering an open standards based and interoperable chat application. tagesschau.de was awarded for making their programs available in the open video format "Ogg Theora". Read more about document freedom on our blog.

Culture & Events


Members of the FFII give regularly presentations to educate the public. We participate in events about software patents, open standards, net neutrality, data retention and free informational infrastructures. Already in 2009 members like our Munich legal scholar Georg Jakob held a presentation on current software patent related challenges in Europe at LinuxTag Berlin. In the same year Alberto Barrionuevo represented the FFII in the Barcelona at the Free Culture Forum with a talk about civil digital rights and open standards. The FFII also participated are the The Knowright conference on the Interaction of Information Related Rights, Information Technology and Knowledge Management in Barcelona. At HSF Paris Benjamin Henrion presented the EU Software Patents. During the Evolution Summit by Civil Society groups the FFII promoted a conception of culture that benefits everybody – citizens, creators and entrepreneurs – a model that stimulates creativity and not just collection, and, above all, a model that does respect the Internet. In following years we continued our participation at Linuxtag with workshops about developments in software patents and open standards. In 2015 FOSDEM'15 the FFII e.V. board met with stakeholders and movers in the Free and Open Source community. The FashionTec working group presented the latest developments of open knitting apps. The FFII is a core organizer of the OpenTechSummit in Berlin. More Info in the blog.

Patented Webshop

alt webshop

The example of the FFII webshop demonstrates the effect of trivial software patent grants for business freedom in Europe. Website and posters are currently available in German and English. More info on the webshop on our campaign site.

Amazon Gift Ordering Patent

alt Gift Patent opposition proceedings

The FFII e.V. used the opportunity to file an opposition proceeding against the gift ordering patent (EP0927945 "Method and system for placing a purchase order via a communications network") as an example for an eCommerce patent. Find out more about the FFII vs. Amazon case at our blog.

Transparency Work Group

alt FFII Eurobot Euronen

The transparency working group created the Twitter feed Euronen to enable better public transparency of preparatory documents from the European Council of Ministers for citizens of the Union and civil society persons. It is part of FFII's focus on eGovernment and OpenData contributions to democratic citizenship. Follow our Euronen feed here.

Technology Work Group

alt membersystem

The technology working group takes care of all tasks related to the FFII IT infrastructure. Systems we run include a Wordpress blog, a Redmine Task tracker and an OwnCloud instance. Our system administrators also delivered a membership database frontend which simplifies the editing of the accounts from FFII supporters and members. It also allows our supporters and members to update their contact data without the need of staff assistance.

ACTA Working Group

alt Goddess Ashtonia

Behind closed doors the EU, US and Japan negotiated an Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA). No official drafts were published. The FFII followed closely the negotiations. ACTA contained a new international benchmark for legal frameworks on the enforcement of copyrights, trade mark rights, patents and others. The FFII outlined shortcomings and democratic deficit, presented an analysis and put together a draft recommendation to conclude ACTA under the Lisbon regime. The FFII issued several press releases which have been broadly covered by the media. Already in July 2009 the Centre for Intellectual property Law of Utrecht University organized a lecture by Prof. Charles McManis about ACTA. FFII's Ante Wessels participated adding remarks about the problems of the proposed agreement. More info here.

Software Patents Working Group

alt The FFII's Amicus Curiae Brief

Educating the public and protecting consumer rights are the core aims in the FFII statutes. The FFII software patents groups engaged in numerous activities around the world to achieve this goal. A land mark was the Bilski case at the US Supreme Court: The FFII and IP Justice filed a joint Amicus Curiae Brief to the U.S. Supreme Court. The case Bilski v. Kappos is expected to become a landmark ruling on the future of the U.S. patent system. Our Brief explains the interlink of software and business methods, and points out alternatives to the so called Machine-or-Transformation test used for categorizing patents. Bilski v. Kappos is considered the single most important decision worldwide on the issue of patents on business methods, software and algorithms since the rejection of the EU Software Patents Directive. More info in the blog. As part of the research for the Brimelow referral G03/08 FFII staff created an internal digital document repository with thousands of relevant electronic documents from scientific books and papers to advocacy documents, most of them related to immaterial property rights. A central knowledge base which will simplify our activities for the future. Interested parties were invited to file statements - Amicus Briefs - to the EPO Enlarged Board Of Appeal. The FFII created a working group to contribute to the referral, and a dedicated staff team worked full time on this issue. The FFII submitted a statement, helped other players and raised awareness to many affected corporations about the Referral. More than 89 statements have been published by the EPO Register. Find out more about our contributions to the G3-08 Referral.

WIPO Working Group

alt Archive

FFII is a registered observer organisation at WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation). The FFII WIPO group participates in activities of stakeholders and in the WIPO Conference on Intellectual Property and Public Policy Issues and on the thirteenth session of the WIPO Standing Committee on the Law of Patents. Reports are available to FFII members. More info from the work group.

Software Patents World Day

alt worldday

24 September is the annual Software Patents World Day to commemorate the struggle against the European Union Software Patent Directive. As every year our teams raise awareness about the impact of patents on the future of software development, this year joined by activities in India. More info.


Software Bird

The goal of the software working group is to support projects that further the aims of the FFII. Projects supported by the FFII are GridCalendar, Groff and CJK. Groff is a typesetting system that reads plain text mixed with formatting commands and produces formatted output. CJK stands for "Chinese, Japanese, Korean". The goal of the project for Internationalisation of Text Processing is to embed Asian text into texts document using the Latin alphabet. GridCalendar helps the FFII to inform the public about conferences, consultations and political decisions regarding FFII's topics.

Associations and Partners

alt Archive

FFII Board joins endorsement of the Göttingen Declaration Aktionsbündnis Urheberrecht für Bildung und Wissenschaft. FFII e.V. also has a Copyright Working Group which deals with the developments in the field of copyright.


FOSSASIA is the premier Free and Open Source technology organization in Asia for developers, designers, start-ups, and contributors. Projects at FOSSASIA range from open hardware, to design, graphics and software. FOSSASIA was established in 2009. The annual FOSSASIA took place in Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore. FOSSASIA meetup groups exist throughout Asia.

alt OpenSpectrum

FFII is part of the European OpenSpectrum Initiative to educate the public and contribute to wireless free information infrastructures and unlicensed access to the digital dividend.

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