FFII-specific wiki help

Please read these instructions carefully: they tell you important things about editing pages in the wikis of FFII. The wikis are MoinMoin, so most of the help that you will find in HelpContents applies, but keep in mind the following differences:

User management and preferences

User management is done with aktiv. You login with your aktiv credentials.

The ffii-electric theme is the default, and the other themes might not work correctly.

The aktiv integration has some bugs, so it is possible that you won't be able to set some or all of your UserPreferences.


By default, CamelCase is not considered a WikiName; you have to put the page name inside double brackets, as in [[FFII-specific wiki help]], if you want it to be a link; you don't need to escape CamelCase words in the wiki source.

When you link to other ffii web sites, never specify the full URL; instead, use the ffii: schema. Specifically:

Instead of












If your link target is not included above, ask in the polis-parl mailing list and we will add it. (More links can be added to the url_mappings variable in /etc/moin/farmconfig.py.)

Page names and titles

Don't use CamelCase for new pages; use words separated by spaces.

The page title and the page name is the same thing. As an extreme example, visit the Software_patents_in_Europe: a short overview, and look at the URL. So choose a nice title for a page, and you have the name ready.

If you want a page to have different title and name, you can use the "#pragma heading" directive, as follows:

#pragma heading This is the page title

Please avoid using "#pragma heading". It was specifically made for the home page, whose name is always "Home" but whose title must the name of the foundation or the news currently shown there. It would be better if, apart from the home page, you forgot its existence. You should only use it in those rare cases when technical reasons prevent you from using the title you want as the page name.

The page menu is defined in a wiki page, navigation menu. You can change it there, but please be very careful, carefully read all instructions, and of course only change it if you have that responsibility.

Protected pages

By default, all users may view, and only logged on users may edit pages. To make a page readable by all but writable only by trusted users, use the following processing instruction at the beginning of the page:

#acl AdminGroup:read,write,delete,revert All:read

To make a page readable and editable only by trusted users, use

#acl AdminGroup:read,write,delete,revert All:

Which users are trusted is currently defined in the configuration file, /etc/moin/en.py.


Since CamelCase is discouraged, instead of using CategoryWhatever for MoinMoin categories, the construction  Category: Whatever  should be used instead, if you want to use categories.


Check HelpOnEditing for the general MoinMoin help, and ask any questions at the polis-parl mailing list.

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