Rules for workgroups

FFII workgroups are designed to encourage individuals to work together, take responsibility and initiative, and get a maximum of freedom and support from the rest of the organisation. We have defined this set of rules to govern workgroups:

  1. A workgroup is a group of individuals who agree to undertake some mission, goal, or challenge that lies within the general mission of the FFII.
  2. A workgroup is proposed by at least three founders, who agree on a leader and who define the workgroup's mission. The leader is responsible for the planning and budgeting of the workgroup, as well as providing regular financial statements to the board.

  3. A new workgroup must be formally approved by the board to get the status of "official workgroup".
  4. All workgroup decisions are made by the leader after he consults with his workgroup. The formal approval by the board means, among other things, that the leader is being delegated authority as required for the operation of the workgroup.
  5. Workgroups have the right to a mailing list named, with privacy and membership options as needed.

  6. Workgroups will define a wiki page on that explains the workgroup goals and organisation.
  7. Workgroups that need more infrastructure (their own site, additional mailing lists, etc.) can work with the sysadmins and webmaster to build a more extensive organisation.
  8. Workgroups may start abitrary websites on non-FFII infrastructure, on the basis of cost, expediency, or flexibility, etc. They must, however, ask for board approval to use the FFII name and/or logo on such sites. This is subject to continuous review by the board, which can at any time revoke the permission to use the FFII name and/or logo.
  9. The workgroup founders can invite anyone they feel competent into the workgroup (or, if they so want, may make it an open workgroup that anyone can join).
  10. The workgroup can ask the board for budget.
  11. The secretary of the organisation will be keeping the registry of workgroups (i.e. the table at

Lastly, these rules apply to formal workgroups. You can start an informal workgroup at any time, with any name, and you may be granted a mailing list, wiki space, budget, and authority when your workgroup has sufficient gravity.

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