Free Trade Agreements

More and more, Free Trade Agreements (FTA) concluded by the EU include legislation. They are negotiated in secret. Public and parliamentary scrutiny are lacking.

A well known example is the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. But other Free Trade Agreements are negotiated in secrecy too. As an example we provide information on the EU - South Korea FTA.

EU - South Korea FTA

In October 2009, after more than two years of secret negotiations, the EU and the Republic of Korea initialed their Free Trade Agreement. The EU - Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA) is based on existing EU rules, including disproportional and detrimental aspects.

During the negotiations, the drafts were secret. It was impossible to assess the FTA's impact on access to software, the internet and medicine.

Now the text is published, we can only conclude the intellectual property rights chapter has to be removed.

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