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This article describes some of the microsite models that we have developed, along with proposed ways of working to ensure that such sites are professional and accurate.

First, I propose some guidelines for allowing us to build provisional and experimental sites without compromising the FFII's official position on certain subjects.

Next, I describe a set of example microsite models. I hope that over time we'll expand this set of templates.

General principles:

  1. Create well-targetted sites rather than broad sites.
  2. Create sites that support well-defined projects.
  3. Microsites are the responsibility of specific workgroup(s).
  4. Microsites are public, and represent FFII viewpoint(s).

We look at each microsite model in terms of these criteria:


We have discussed the issue of how to publish unofficial works in progress. In some cases, sites can be made private, but this is difficult to manage (it means they cannot be easily reviewed and corrected).

My vision is that it is necessary to allow FFII activists, working in a team, to produce new and interesting sites, with a minimum of burocracy. At the same time it is necessary to protect the FFII's reputation and authority.

These are my proposals:

  1. We explicitly allow experimental sites in order to test the reaction on particular positions, campaigns, etc.
  2. We accept that individuals who are strongly identified with the FFII cannot make such sites on their own behalf, because people will in any case associate such sites with the FFII.
  3. Provisional sites carry this phrase on every page: "This site is not an official FFII position, but a work in progress, and its contents are subject to review."

  4. Official sites will not have this phrase.
  5. Both provisional and official sites may use the FFII logo, and link back to FFII sites.
  6. All microsites must be the responsibilty of a well-identified workgroup, who will answer for any problems such sites might create.
  7. The workgroup and people responsible for a site must be noted on the site in a page "About" or "Contact".
  8. The board will be responsible for deciding what sites can be official.

Collaborative site

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