General Purpose

As stated in the Group description on the site, main purposes are

  1. Research and document current developments regarding the rights of (software) innovators in Europe
  2. Collaboratively improve existing multilingual patent policy documentation of FFII

  3. Specify who needs to do what, call the public to action

Current Issues: Significant Improvements to EPLA/UPLS text

The European patent establishment is proposing a new treaty, the European Union Patent Litigation System (UPLS or EU-EPLA), which allows for "one-stop patent litigation" in Europe. However, as a side effect, the EPLA increases litigation costs for most businesses and concentrates legislative, judicial and executive power in the hands of a closed community of patentists.

The European Parliament has called for "significant improvements to the EPLA text, which adress concerns about democratic control, judicial independence and litigation costs".

We have worked out proposals and a prepare a campaign for such improvements but not had enough energy to promote them.

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