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The goal of this workgroup is to make IPRED2 known to the public, provide analysis and to influence the European Parliament's decision process from preparatory work in committees to final Plenary vote.

The "2" in IPRED2 refers to the fact that this is the second Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive. The first one is currently being implemented in European Union member states, and provides for (harsh) civil sanctions, criminal measures were taken out. IPRED2 proposes to add criminal sanctions "for all intentional IPR infringements on a commercial scale". Before IPRED2 became a 1st pillar directive, it was a 3rd pillar framework decision. The reason for the change of legal basis is an extensive interpretation by the Commission of an environmental verdict by the European Court of Justice in 2005.

The full formal name of IPRED2 is Amended proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on criminal measures aimed at ensuring the enforcement of intellectual property rights (COM/2006/0168 final - COD 2005/0127).

Main present developments

FFII position papers, amendments, press releases and presentations

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FFII analysis and voting recommendations 2006, 2007

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You can contact the workgroup at ipred2@ffii.org.

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