FFII position paper, amendments and voting lists

Coalition Report on EP vote (PDF format) (wiki)

Introduction to EP amendments (PDF format)

FFII/Coalition Amendment proposals (Word format) (Compromise amendments for plenary)

FFII/Coalition Amendment proposals (PDF format) (Compromise amendments for plenary)

Voting List ITRE (Word format)

Voting List ITRE (PDF format)

Presentation by Jonas Maebe (FFII Ipred2 WG) at Eupaco0 Conference (pdf)

To Lisbon or to prison? -- Presentation of impact/issues/solution (pdf, as of 6 December 2006)

FFII letters and press releases

Adding criminal sanctions to a legal minefield

Letter to On. Nicola Zingaretti, rapporteur IPRED 2

IPRED2: Call on the 25 Governments to remove criminal sanctions in case of patent infringement

IP Enforcement Directive 2: European Community goes criminal

EU Commission proposes to criminalise European software industry

Dutch Parliament says No to European criminal law against IP violations

EP Member: confused consumers are dealers of stolen goods

EP Civil Liberties committee criminalises business conflicts

Letter to Legal Affairs Committee: Translations of tabled JURI amendments for IP Criminal Measures Enforcement Directive

Letter to MEPs on Criminal Measures IP Directive: 4 Essential Issues and Solutions

Letter to MEPs: Commercial scale definition in IPR Enforcement directive

Letter to MEPs: Legal Affairs draft report not ready for adoption

Letter to MEPs: IPRED2 - amendments supported by coalition of libraries, consumers and innovators

Carte Blanche criminal law a threat to innovation

Letter to Permanent Representatives: Mistake in EP provisional consolidated text Criminal Measures IP directive

EP Rapporteur Wants To Crack Down On Internet Users

Commission withholds key study on criminal measures from European Parliament (including news on the missing amendment)

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