Our old Wiki

In the good old times, the FFII's community shared most of its information on a kwiki, but KWiki is no longer supported by the FFII's server administration team; instead, it has been migrated to Moin, but as read-only. [ffii:kwiki: You can find it here.] Hartmut Pilch has forked out an editable version.

If you want to update an old page, then first find it a new home and name:

After creating your new page, copy the old page (add "?action=raw" to the URL of the old page to get its wiki text) to the new one and update it. Then ask [ffii:listinfo:polis-help polis-help] for a redirection of the old page to the new one.


  1. The actual unconverted and now unused kwiki files can be found at /var/lib/kwiki.
  2. The conversion script is at /var/lib/kwiki/kwiki2moin.
  3. History is not converted, and there may be bugs. In that case, we fix kwiki2moin and re-run it.
  4. Redirections should not be made by moin but by apache; otherwise they will be overwritten the next time kwiki2moin runs.
  5. For more information, see /var/lib/kwiki/README.

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